MSU Army ROTC - Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Physicians and engineers, architects and business leaders, weed scientists and computer scientists, teachers and policy makers, and officers for the US Army: MSU and its Army ROTC program prepares students to be innovators and leaders for the 21st century.

We produce lieutenants for the active Army, the National Guard, and the US Army Reserves, each with a breadth of perspective who:

  1. Demonstrate a capacity for scholastic, athletic, and leadership excellence
  2. Are confident they will be competent Army leaders because of the rigor of the program
  3. Are committed to the Army for the duration of their obligation, and open-minded about further service
  4. Bring experiential, ethical, and cultural diversity to the Officer Corps. Mississippi State University Army ROTC
  5. The premier leadership development program on the MSU Campus