Norman Gary Cobb III

Battalion Commander

Major: Marketing

Branch: Infantry

Goals: To Start my own Business. To become an outstanding Infantry officer in the 75th Regiment Battalion.

CDT Harris

William Jacob Harris IV

Command Sergeant Major

Major: Kinesiology

Branch: Infantry

Goals: Commission as an Infantry 2LT, attend airborne school, graduate college, attend SFAS, and go to PA school.


Nicholas Alexander Wilkins

Battalion Executive Officer

Major: Clinical Exercise Physiology

Branch: Medical Service Corps

Goals: Graduate. Commission. Help develop others. Know Christ more.


Brett James Armour

Company Commander

Major: Mathematics

Branch: Military Intelligence

Goals: I want to be a combat diver in the Special Forces.


Akayla Monae Powell

First Sergeant

Major: Kinesiology

Branch: Signal

Goals: My life goal is to be a commissioned officer in the US Army, a medical personnel, and a business owner who lives a content, spiritual led, financially stable life.


Daniel Alexander Davis

Company Executive Officer

Major: Forestry Concentration Wildlife Management

Branch: Engineers

Goals: My goals are to become a combat engineer in the MSANG, and work as a waterfowl biologist on the civilian side. I hope to eventually gain my master’s degree in environmental engineering through the MSANG and pursue it on the civilian side.


Jacob Hunter Christian

Adjutant (S1)

Major: Business Management

Branch: Military Intelligence

Goals: My goals are to commission as an active duty Military Intelligence officer. I plan on continuing my education and get an MBA and a computer science degree.


Meghin Elise Smith

Intelligence Officer (S2)

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Branch: Adjutant General

Goals: I plan to attend nursing school while being an Officer in the Army Reserves. After completion or nursing school, I hope to go into the Nurse Corps as an Active Duty Officer.


Brandon Keith Kink

Operations Officer (S3)

Major: Computer Science Major

Branch: Signal

Goals: I hope to continue my computer science education and focus on language design.


Andrew Lee Simpson Position: S4

Logistical Officer (S4)

Major: Master of Business Administration

Branch: Quartermaster

Goals: Become a project manager, and branch quartermaster.


Ke’Ondre Lashawan Davis

Public Affairs Officer (S5)

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Kinesiology/Business

Branch: Military Police

Goals: To commission as a 2LT and make a career as a Military Police officer. I intend to go back to school and receive my MBA so as to start some sort of business on the civilian side of life at the end of my career or even during my career.


Logan Welch

Signal Officer (S6)

Major: Political Science

Branch: Infantry

Goals: Graduate, commission as infantry officer in the National Guard, attend Ranger School, attend US Marshall Academy and become US Marshal.


Philip E. Sutton Jr.

Special Events Coordinator

Major: Exercise Physiology

Branch: Medical Service Corps

Goals: I strive to conduct biomechanics research and improve personal protective equipment for the Army. After the Army, I hope to own a successful chain of fitness centers.


William Zachary Sessions

PT Commander

Major: Political Science

Branch: Military Intelligence

Goals: Ranger School, lead a platoon, seek any opportunity to learn/attend additional training.