Cadet Nichols

Weston J. Nichols

Battalion Commander

Major: Health Fitness Studies Major

Branch: Medical Service Corps

Goals: To represent my family to the best of my ability as a man, cadet, student, and future Officer

Hobbies: Hobbies include basketball, intramural sports, and on-campus ministries through Cru

Cadet Sessions

Alexis Sessions

Command Sergeant Major

Major: Psychology

Branch: Field Artillery

Goals: I plan to be part of Psychological Operations and join the Cultural Support Team. I also have aspirations to attend as many special-training schools as the Army will allow me to attend and grow in experience and knowledge throughout my time as an officer.

Hobbies: I enjoy anything outdoors, reading, cooking, drawing, and all things ROTC

Cadet Jones

Brendan E. Jones

Battalion Executive Officer

Major: Kinesiology; Clinical Exercise Physiology

Branch: Infantry

Goals: Commission as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army, attend numerous military schools like Ranger School and Special Forces Qualification Course. To grow as a leader which will allow me to lead others both in and outside of the military.

Hobbies: Rock climbing, baseball, football, basketball, reading, running, swimming, hunting, tying knots, and anything outdoors.

Cadet Watts IV

Beler H. Watts IV

Company Commander

Major: Business Administration

Branch: Infantry

Goals: Ranger School, Ranger Regiment

Hobbies: Playing Basketball

Cadet Guenther

Jackson B. Guenther

First Sergeant

Major: Wildlife, Fisheries, & Aquaculture

Branch: Infantry

Goals: To become a General Officer

Hobbies: Hunting/Fishing

Cadet Schingle

Daniel B. Schingle

Company Executive Officer

Major: Special Education

Branch: Transportation

Goals: This year I want to get into phase two of the Education program. I want to be more involved in the special education community. This will help me in the future when I am trying to get a teaching position.

Hobbies: A couple of my hobbies are playing soccer with my friends and cooking.

Cadet Cooper

Victoria Cooper

Adjutant (S1)

Major: Psycohology

Branch: Military Intelligence

Goals: To leave every place better then when I got there

Hobbies: Reading, Walking my dog, playing basketball

Cadet Herrin

Andrew Herrin

Intelligence Officer (S2)

Major: Finance

Branch: Signal

Goals: I plan to stay in the Army for 20+ years and perform all duties to the best of my ability.

Hobbies: Soccer, lifting weights, and video games

Cadet Smith, L

Luke A. Smith

Operations Officer (S3)

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Branch: Engineer

Goals: I want to design prosthetics and medical equipment for the military.

Hobbies: Biking, playing guitar, sports

Cadet Smith, J

James M. Smith

Logistical Officer (S4)

Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Branch: Medical Service Corps

Goals: To commission in December of 2018 as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Ed delay program so I can attend medical school. I aspire to become a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon once medical school is completed.

Hobbies: Sports, camping, hiking, hunting, and working out

Cadet Knight

Tiana D. Knight

Civil Affairs Officer (S5)

Major: Kinesiology

Branch: Signal

Goals: Short term goals is I hope to commission as a 1LT signal officer active duty. As well as travel the world and experience new cultures. Long term goals is to go back to school to obtain a doctorate as either a physical therapist or physician.

Hobbies: I consider myself an active person so I enjoy dancing and playing sports. I also have a creative side and I have been drawing and participating in art and music since I was a kid.

Cadet Lehew

Robert E. Lehew

Signal Officer (S6)

Major: Industrial Technology

Branch: Engineer

Goals: I want to commission as an engineering officer and attend Sapper school after E-BOLC. I would like my first assignment to either be in a Sapper company or Mobility Augmentation company. I want like to make the Army a career.

Hobbies: My hobbies include Volunteer Firefighting, wood and metal working, fishing, hunting, and horseback riding.

Cadet Earl

Christopher G. Earl

PT Commander

Major: Criminology

Branch: Military Police

Goals: I just want to continue my leadership growth in every aspect. As well as continue to physical get in better shape that way when it comes to commission I feel as if I’ll be fully ready to take on the next better of my life.

Hobbies: : I like to play sports and stay active. I love to golf, hunt, and fish. Anything in the outdoors I like to do it.

Cadet Hughes

Chymera K. Hughes

Special Events

Major: Business Information Systems

Branch: Signal

Goals: Obtain Bachelor’s Degree. Move to Dallas, TX with a job in information security.

Hobbies: DIY Projects, Computer Programming, Volleyball