Zachary K. Al-Azzawi

Completing the United States Army Ranger School was taxing -- both physically and mentally, but the benefits that were reaped are countless.  Having the privilege of attending the Army’s premier leadership course teaches an individual more than any previous field exercise, or preparatory school.  Both about oneself as a person, and their ability to lead others.  As a young officer, I feel extremely prepared to lead Soldiers, respond to austere conditions, and tackle the challenges of operating in all environments.

Although such learning experiences can only be mimicked by specific settings and there is no way to completely prepare for the rigors of ranger school, I can accredit my accomplishments to those who laid the foundation for my success early-on.  My prior service, the strong commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and my Mississippi State University ROTC family are all factors in my achievement.  These contributors continue to be a wealth of knowledge and experience that I draw from daily.  I will continue to carry my experiences as a Bulldog throughout my career.

Hail State!

Zachary K. Al-Azzawi

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