CDT Jackson Guenther

Cadet Guenther went on a culture, understanding, and language proficiency (CULP) course in Arta, Djibuti this summer along with several other Cadets from different ROTC programs.  He went through a series of different training events that ranged from ruck marching to AK-47 weapons training.

CDT Guenther summarizes his expierence with the following statement.  "The biggest thing that I learned from CULP experience is how to approach things from a diplomatic way, and understand that different, does not mean wrong. I was exposed to entirely different cultures both on the civilian and military side. While other countries may do things differently than we do in the U.S., it does not make them less effective, or mean that our way is always better.

The thing I enjoyed most about my experience at CULP was the opportunity to spend time on a Forward Operating Base on the other side of the world, and to spend time with enlisted Soldiers and Officers who are deployed, and see what their day to day life was like. I was able to gain invaluable advice and experience that many cadets will never have the experience to do.  I also enjoyed seeing what the U.S. is doing in that part of the world every day to maintain safety and stability. Many times the news only shows the negative, when in reality positive things are occurring every day because of U.S. Military presence in other countries." - Cadet Jackson Guenther
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