CDT James at the AAB

I was given the opportunity to be a Cadet Marshal at the Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.  Upon arrival, I met with all of the other selected Cadets from across the United States.  After being briefed on our duties for the week by SGM Allen, who was the head of all of the Cadet Marshals, we attended a training session to learn how to operate all of the equipment for the football combine.  Later that first night, we met with Coach Frank, the head of the National Combine.  Coach Frank walked us through what we would have to do in the morning as players arrived to register for the National Combine.  All of the Cadets were given jobs from handing out gear for the players, to individual stations of taking the players’ measurements.  After the registration period was over, we went to the Alamodome in San Antonio to set up all of the equipment for the actual combine.

The next day started bright and early around 0430 where we met with our assigned group of about 25 players.  My job was to make sure each player knew where and what they were doing for the combine as we arrived at the Alamodome.  Once arrived and settled, each Cadet was set at one of the combine events, such as the 40-yard dash, the L drill, and the vertical.  I was given the L drill event and ran that event until around 1300.  Once the players and staff all received lunch, the next event was the one-on-one drills to test the players actual playing ability.  I was in charge of a group of wide receivers and ensuring that all forty of them had equal reps.  Once the one-on-one drills were over, the players were able to go to the “Strong Zone” where they could experience Army simulations.  To finish the day, we all attended the Army All-American Award Show at the Majestic Theatre.

The last full day was the actual All-American Bowl game.  That morning we woke up, were assigned to our group of players, and escorted them to the dome.  We attended the game and watched as the, near-future division one, player’s play in an East vs. West game.  In the end, the East came out on top 27-17.  It was a fun experience being able to watch these athletes play in this game.

My experience in San Antonio was very memorable mainly because I had the opportunity to experience the city of San Antonio, also, the amount of connections and wisdom I received from everyone I met.  SGM Allen shared his knowledge and imparted multiple advice to us as Cadets as we begin our careers in the US Army. Furthermore, one of the most honorable men I got to speak to was MG Hughes, the CG of U.S. Army Cadet Command.  He spoke to each Cadet Marshal, and he shared his advice with each of us.

CDT James Smith - All American Bowl Photo Gallery