CDT Beler Watts

This summer I was afforded the opportunity to attend Airborne School.  My summer at Airborne was a good experience. The training was fun and I learned a lot.  The weeks ahead of me were filled with training that were in a very clear comprehensive way which made it easy to understand.  Being there taught me a lot of patience being that this was my first real Army experience away from the Cadet world.  While I knew some other Cadets from previous training I did not know the majority of the people, and getting to know some of the Junior Enlisted guys and what MOS they held was cool.  Knowing that one day I could be their Platoon Leader and they could be my Team Leaders, Squad Leaders or even my Platoon Sergeant made theses connections even more meaningful

-Cadet Beler Watts

CDT Watts' Airborne expierence Photo Gallery