2016 German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

08:00am | Mississippi State Campus

The tentative dates for this school years German Badge testing will be 16-17 April, 2016.  This will be the fourth year MSU ROTC has held this event.  The primary competitors are ROTC Cadets and Cadre but if space is available we will open the slots up to other Soldiers.  The standards for the event have not changed from the 2013 version and they are provided here in this link [GERMAN BADGE TESTING STANDARDSfor your program to begin training. We don’t expect to be able to lock in the dates with the German LNO until after the new year.  At that time we will begin taking names on a first come first serve basis along with an entry fee which will be the Battalions fund raiser for the year. We are planning for 150 participants.

There are two events you must train on to standard at your home unit.  These two events will not be conducted on site at the time of the German Badge Event at MSU.  This allows us to have more competitors this year.  The two events are the NBC / MOPP4 and First Aid Training.

SAMPLE MEMO is provided for you to use that outlines the requirements you must meet before arrival to MSU. Bring the completed MEMO with you or send it in advance by email to the POC below. 

For more information contact the Battalion Operations Officer, Mr. Michael Hunter, 662-325-1588, or by email at mhunter@armyrotc.msstate.edu.