Adjutant General Corps

The Adjutant General Branch is the huma resources functional component within the Force Sustainment community of the Army. It is the second oldest existing branch of the U.S. Army, crucial to its seamless operation.

The primary mission of this branch is too coordinate timely and effective manning and personnel support for the commanders. This enhances the readiness and operational capabilities of the total force across the full range of military operations.

As a leader in the Adjutant General’s Corps, officers are assigned to a duty position that will allow maximum exposure to a wide range of human resource programs. You can expect entry- level human resources management assignments at a company, battalion and brigade level, along with leadership responsibilities. In this career field, you will help soldiers with the tasks that affect their welfare and assist commanders by keeping soldiers combat ready. You will also be involved in unit readiness, morale, and soldier career progression. In many cases, the duties of an Adjutant General officer are similar to that of human resources executive in the civilian world.