Why Army ROTC?

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Mississippi State University Army ROTC is one of the oldest and prestigious programs in the United States with approximately 100 participating Students and Cadets. Our graduates serve at the highest levels in the Army, corporate and public sector and provide a lifetime of service to the Nation.

Here you will learn what it takes to build competent and cohesive teams, provide purpose, direction, and motivation to groups and in any competitive environment. Not only will you gain these valuable skills, but you will also develop friendships, relationships, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Our classes are available and offered to ALL Students on campus, at EMCC, and Mississippi Women’s College

Army ROTC is one of the nation’s top leadership development programs that also provides an opportunity to secure full or part-time employment after college. The U.S. Army Cadet Command selects, educates, trains, and commissions college students to be officers and leaders in the U.S. Army.

We work with cadets to help them succeed in the degree of their choice while earning a minor in Organizational Leader Development and earning a commission in the Active, Reserve or National Guard components. Through shared values, advanced training and experience, men and women can achieve their goals and gain an edge in their civilian careers. It also gives the Army added scale, scope and capability to adapt and respond to the Nation’s challenges home and abroad.

Benefits of the Army ROTC program include:

  • Leadership and management training that can be completed in conjunction with any chosen academic major.
  • Get training and one-of-a-kind experiences
  • The nation’s largest source of merit-based college scholarships. Includes full- tuition scholarship or $6,000 room and board, monthly stipend (tax-free) of $420, and $600 textbook fund
  • Traditionally a four-year program, however it can be completed in two years
  • You’ll be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation and with the potential to earn civilian equivalency of $55,000 - $88,000 per year (depending on where you're stationed) within your first four years on active duty.