Things to Know


Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps is under the administrative and academic supervision of the College of Arts and Sciences. Army ROTC (Military Science) courses are indicated by the prefix MS; All ROTC courses are bona fide University courses. The total number of ROTC hours allowed as elective credit toward a specific degree varies.

Most schools and colleges at the University accept six (6) or more hours of ROTC courses offered toward degrees conferred. The advanced ROTC courses are options for meeting social/behavioral science core requirements. A student should contact the appropriate college, school, or department to determine allowable ROTC course credit toward a particular degree.

Purpose and Objectives

The general objective of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps is to develop in each student: (1) a basic understanding of associated professional knowledge necessary to be an officer in the US Armed Forces; (2) a strong sense of personal integrity, individual responsibility and honor; and, (3) an appreciation of the requirements of national security.

Uniforms and Equipment

Soldiers participate in lab training in the woods

Uniforms and textbooks are issued without cost to students. However, all equipment and textbooks must be returned to the ROTC Department upon departure of the student, and any such article lost or damaged other than by fair wear and tear, must be paid for by the students. Each student enrolled in ROTC is responsible for the maintenance of his/her uniform. Students who fail to clear their accounts before leaving the institution will have their university records placed on hold.

Pay and Allowances

Patrol Base Lab training in the woods

On Campus

Each student enrolled in the Army Cadet Leadership Course is paid a monthly subsistence allowance by the Federal Government of $420.00 per month for all cadets.

Summer Training

While at Basic Camp, the student receives pay at the rate of $39.50 per day (approximately $1,185 per month) less applicable taxes. Students attending Advanced camp also receive pay at the rate of $39.50 per day (approximately $1,185 per month less applicable taxes).

Army ROTC Scholarship Program

Norwegian Foot March with two soldiers looking at camera

The Army awards ROTC scholarships to outstanding students each academic year. Army ROTC scholarships are for periods of two, three, or four years. They pay tuition, fees, books, and laboratory expenses incurred by the cadet and provide up to $500 per month subsistence allowance to the cadet for the duration of the scholarship (except during the summer). Additionally, 4-year Scholarship Winners and 3-year Designees that attend MSU may receive up to $2000 for Housing. The amount of the award depends on the number of scholarship winners and designees that attend MSU. All contracted cadets can compete for a scholarship. Both men and women are eligible to apply for these scholarships. There are also 4-year Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty scholarships for students wanting to serve in the National Guard after commissioning.

High school students should consult their guidance counselors early in August of their senior year to apply for the four-year scholarships. College Juniors with a 2.5 GPA and greater who otherwise qualify may be eligible for a 2-year scholarship. Sophomores meeting the same criteria may be eligible for a 3- year scholarship.


Accepting a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army incurs a service obligation of 8 years. This period may be served in a variety of ways to include: Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Individual Ready Reserve or a combination of these.