Army Reserve and Army National Guard

Most of the branches outlined allow you to serve part time, which means you can have a full-time job or pursue your education and also have an Army career. As a member of the army Reserve or the Army national Guard, you’ll be able to train close to home, maintain your civilian lifestyle, serve your community and stand trained and ready to answer the nation’s call to duty when needed.

The Army Reserve is a federal force, while the National Guard serves the state government until ordered to support the federal government when needed to protect the public and restore peace. Those serving in either will enjoy many of the same benefits as full-time Soldiers, including affordable health and life insurance, retirement benefits and more.

The transferable skills you gain as an officer in the Army Reserve will set you apart from your peers in school and in your career outside of the military. You may also qualify for other incentives and service benefits, such as the post 9-11 Montgomery GI Bill to help reach educational goals.