Finance Corps

The Army’s Finance Corps is a Combat Service Support branch responsible for sustaining operations through purchasing and acquiring supplies and services. As an officer in this branch, some of the many duties you may regularly perform include paying commercial vendors, paying soldiers and civilians for their service, balancing and projecting budgets, calculating travel and transportation allowances, preparing and distributing reports and financial statements, and managing other financial matters that keep the Army running. Other finance duties available consist of providing cash operations, both U.S. and foreign, to support multi- force and multi- national missions across the globe; directing disbursement, receipt, and deposit of public funds as an agent of the U.S. Treasury Department; and interpreting financial laws.

Finance officers may be assigned to any unit, anywhere in the world. Some of the unique duty positions to which you may be assigned include disbursing officer, commander of a financial management company, deputy (or assistant) chief of staff, resource management, budget analyst, management analyst, program analyst and auditor.