Military Police Corps

Officers in the MP Corps manage five primary functions to support Army and joint operations worldwide: Law and Order, Police Intelligence Operations, Internment Resettlement, Area Security, and Maneuver and Mobility Support. These functions cover every aspect from law enforcement at the installation to security of U.S. Forces and civilians on the battlefield. MP officers also perform criminal investigations.

Expected to detect and deter any enemy activity near military command posts or other Army territory, the MP is the most demanded resource for major combat, stability, expeditionary, civil assistance and homeland consequence management operations. When assigned to this branch, your training begins with the Military Police Basic Officer Leaders Course, where you will experience physical training and learn leadership skills, tactics, maintenance and supply. You’ll then be given the opportunity to study civil and military law, weapons training and communications skills. You can also take airborne, air assault, and ranger training to aid in your MP career.