Quartermaster Corps

In wartime and in peacetime, the Army conducts contingency operations and exercises around the world. This means our nation’s ground force has an enormous need for provisions. Officers serving in the Quartermaster Corps, the largest branch in the U.S. Army, are responsible for managing those provisions.

Quartermaster officers can command at every level from second lieutenant to general, whether it be a petroleum platoon, a forward support company, a brigade support battalion, a defense distribution depot, an expeditionary or theater support command, or the Army material command. As an officer in this branch, you will use the latest equipment and information technologies to solve logistical issues and manage the distribution of supplies and services around the world. From food and water to petroleum, repair parts, field services and weapon systems, officers in the Quartermaster Corps ensure that all soldiers are adequately sustained.

Quartermaster officers can expect to train in seven battlefield functions: supply distribution, fuel, water, field services, aerial delivery, subsistence and mortuary affairs. Additionally, you may attend Ranger, Airborne, Pathfinder, Aerial Delivery (Rigger), and Mortuary Affairs schools when you are assigned to this branch.